“Innovation is Everyone’s Job:” MedAvante CEO Paul Gilbert Offers Take on Jumpstarting Innovation at Avoca Quality Consortium

MedAvante, Inc. CEO Paul Gilbert encouraged Pharma industry leaders to challenge conventional thinking during his panel appearance at the Fifth Annual Avoca Quality Consortium Summit in Princeton, NJ.

The panel, “Innovative Collaborations in the Design and Integration of Quality in Clinical Operations,” explored the intersection of innovation, quality, and compliance.

In a dialogue with panel moderator Rob Metcalf, PhD (Vice President of Global Regulatory Affairs, Eli Lilly), Neil McCullough, PhD, MSc (Executive Vice President for Quality Assurance, ICON) and Grace Crawford, (Vice President for Clinical Quality & Compliance, MedImmune), Gilbert urged the industry to rethink an ingrained aversion to risk.

Citing common challenges like committee thinking and changing management trends, Gilbert reminded the audience that failure creates “the prospect of triumph, innovation, and change.” Gilbert stated that the responsibility for improving the industry has to be shared, and cannot be delegated to one individual or department. Innovation, he emphasized, is “everyone’s job.”

Gilbert and his co-founder Amy Ellis have been driving innovations in the Pharma industry for over a decade. First, MedAvante introduced Central Ratings to limit bias and subjectivity in trial assessment. More recently, the company has been the leading innovator in eSource – digital data capture – which has significantly advanced quality in clinical trials.

MedAvante was the first to develop an eSource solution for clinician-reported outcomes in 2009, partnering their 200+ in-house clinicians with software designers to create the Virgil Investigative Study Platform. This innovation enabled MedAvante clinicians’ firsthand knowledge of site workflow and operations to be built into the Virgil Platform.

MedAvante is a proud associate member of the Avoca Quality Consortium. Led by the Avoca Group, the Consortium convenes leaders from over 55 pharma, biotech, and clinical service companies to share knowledge and drive quality and innovation in clinical trials.