MedAvante Unveils Updated Virgil eSource Platform to Further Streamline User Experience, Enhance Data Quality

Hamilton, NJ (October 6, 2016) — MedAvante, Inc., the leader in technology-based clinical trial services for central nervous system (CNS) diseases, announced today the newest release of the Virgil Investigative Study Platform.


The updates allow MedAvante to continue to enhance the quality of electronic source (eSource) data in clinical trials and deliver the industry-leading user experience. Based on exhaustive analysis of clinician preferences, the updates streamline navigation tools, improve information display and make the Virgil interface even easier to use. Additionally, the updates strengthen safeguards that reduce rater error during electronic clinical outcomes assessments (eCOA).

“We designed Virgil with the input of our own clinicians, and over the last seven years we’ve continued to refine the platform based on the feedback we regularly seek from the clinicians who are its primary users,” said MedAvante CEO Paul Gilbert. “Virgil’s clinician-driven development and the resulting user-friendliness are what sets Virgil apart as the leading eCOA solution.”

Adds MedAvante President Amy Ellis: “This newest release adds to the array of tools we have to deliver high-quality trial data and strengthens our position as the pioneer in signal detection.”

The Virgil platform ensures the speed and accuracy of trial data and reduces administrative burden on trial sites. As easy to use as paper, it is integrated with MedAvante’s clinician services, which reduce the risks of bias and measurement variability in clinical trials.