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The Virgil Investigative Study Platform

Virgil, the MedAvante-ProPhase eSource platform, provides digital clinical outcome assessments (eCOA) and data management for clinical trials.

From data entry to visit upload, Virgil fits seamlessly and easily into workflow at the study site while maximizing the potential of the data while minimizing the possibility of error. Virgil is built to ensure trial data is secure, accurate and complete.

What makes Virgil different?

Virgil incorporates clinical guidance for each assessment scale to ensure results are standardized across raters. Because Virgil was designed by clinicians for clinicians, our platform puts our years of experience in capturing and managing study data for global trials into the hands of sites and sponsors.

Delivered on web-based and tablet devices, the Virgil Platform includes:

  • A site application to manage subject visits, administer and score rating scale instruments
  • A web-based portal to centralize and review high-level data from sites
  • An app for patient-reported outcomes (PROs).

The Virgil platform has been used for hundreds of thousands of subject assessments in clinical trials around the world. Our source data is reliable and has been accepted by the FDA and EMA in successful drug applications.

What is eSource?

“eSource” encompasses all electronic source data – outcome assessments, forms (including medical history, concomitant meds, etc.) and lab data. Clinical outcome assessments (eCOA) can be further categorized into clinician-reported, patient-reported and observer-reported outcomes (ClinRO, ePRO and ObsRO).

Virgil enables the integrated delivery of MedAvante-ProPhase clinical services. In combination with our services, Virgil can enhance signal detection for all types of studies.

One platform, many capabilities.

Virgil brings the power of smart data to your study.

Virgil Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO)

Virgil® PRO benefits sponsors by accelerating the timeline and lowering the development costs of a study. Integrated with the rest of the Virgil platform, it offers a holistic view of trial progress and patient experience. MedAvante-ProPhase delivers Virgil® PRO on preconfigured devices ready for your study. 

Virgil® PRO helps clinicians capture better data. Virgil® PRO enables real-time responses and eases the process of patient data capture and submission. It also makes it possible for patients who can’t get to a study site to participate, improving trial efficiency and reducing the risk of patient attrition.

Virgil® PRO improves patient engagement and adherence to study protocol.
The Virgil® PRO app for mobile devices allows patients to take quick assessments on their smartphones – and be reminded if they’ve missed one. Customizable alerts can also remind patients about medications. Virgil® PRO makes it possible for patients to fit study requirements into their daily lives.

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Virgil Clinician-Reported Outcomes (ClinRO)

Virgil’s ClinRO is grounded in years of MedAvante-ProPhase experience as clinicians. We devised our eSource solution to streamline workflow and logistics for our own clinical teams. Our unique clinical heritage continues to drive all of our advances in eSource.

Our intuitive Virgil tablets standardize clinician-reported outcomes with built-in clinical guidance. Virgil uses standardized measurements to guide a rater performing or scoring an assessment. This leads to better signal detection for your study.

Virgil is completely paperless. Removing binders, clipboards and piles of paper, Virgil simplifies the process and enables better interaction with patients during clinician assessments.

Virgil makes capture, upload and analysis easy. Virgil ensures fewer errors and discrepancies with built-in checks and reminders. Virgil also improves site workflow by flagging incomplete data entry, performing autoscoring and capturing video and audio recording.

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Virgil Observer Reported Outcomes (ObsRO)

Observers are key components of many clinical trials. Virgil’s ObsRO assessments let family and caregivers offer insights as a trial progresses.

Like our other outcome measures, Virgil’s ObsRO can be customized for the study’s patients, sites and sponsors.

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Virgil Performance Outcomes (PerfO)

We have a wide range of PerfOs available in our electronic library ready for your study. MedAvante-ProPhase makes these easy for sites to administer and collect through clinical expert design and guidance built into the Virgil Investigative Study Platform.

A PerfO, as defined by the FDA,* is “a measurement based on a task(s) performed by a patient according to instructions that is administered by a health care professional.”

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Virgil IQ

The Virgil platform includes a secure, web-based portal that allows for remote review, monitoring and analysis of your study’s data. The data collected on Virgil tablets is uploaded to the Virgil portal, enabling timely insights and high-quality analytics. Comprising the analytics: data whose reliability rests on the expert guidance that reflects our heritage of clinical experience and innovation.

The Virgil portal allows real-time analysis of a study’s data and progress. Search by site, date or subject to find results fast. Compare results and gain insights into your study as it progresses.

The Virgil portal eliminates the need for onsite monitoring, since records can be accessed and reviewed from anywhere.

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Rate of increase in failed Phase II and III clinical trials, 1990-2010.


Rate of failure due to an inability to show efficacy.


Stronger signal detection through Virgil.